Technical installation and Business implementation of the most important Processes, Procedures and Products related to:

  • Policy & Compliance Management
  • Data Protection Program (SecureData, DLP, SecureMail)
  • Security Intelligence (Central Log Management, SIEM )
  • Network Security (NG Firewall, NG IPS, Virtual Patching)
  • Advanced Threat Management
  • Complete Endpoint Protection
  • Enterprise Vulnerability Management

ARAMA TECH provides enhanced Best Practises based on industry standards and related to laws and regulations and corporate objectives.


ARAMA TECH offers Full Managed Security Services and Hybrid Managed Security Services for CENTRAL LOG MANAGEMENT, SIEM, INTRUSION PREVENTION, ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION, DATA LOSS PREVENTION and EMAIL, SERVER & ENDPOINT PROTECTION solutions for organizations who wish to deploy these technologies but do not (yet) have the required staff or knowledge level to fully manage and operate the solutions themselves.

FULL MANAGED SECURITY SERVICES is a worry-free service where ARAMA TECH takes care of first line management and Operations of chosen security areas and first line response to security incidents.

HYBRID MANAGED SECURITY SERVICES has a strong knowledge transfer element built-in with a gradual handover to the customers' internal organization within any chosen period of time. Thus offering organizations the possibility to deploy cutting-edge security technology and have time to grow in capacity and capability in their own pace.


Next generation Security Assessment methods providing the information needed to be able to proactively manage IT Security risks by gaining insight of the maturity level of your security organization and combining asset business context, actionable threat intelligence and security test results.

SECURITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT measures the maturity of your organization compared to frameworks and controls of CobiT5, ISO 27002 and ISF Standard of Good Practice (SoGP).

ENTERPRISE VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT includes advanced  Security Test services such as Static Code Analysis, Vulnerability Testing and Penetration Testing of networks, web applications and mobile applications.

ARAMA TECH's PROFESSIONAL SERVICES offers full end-to-end Professional Services which includes but is not limited to designing Strategy and Roadmap, performing Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analysis, Architecture & Design, Product Sales and Delivery, Technical & Business Implementation, Hybrid Managed Services, Training & Education and Support.

ARAMA TECH practices high quality Project Management specialized in the areas of Governance-, Risk-, Compliance- and Security projects, using industry standards such as Prince II and ITIL. ARAMA TECH is also experienced in Agile, Rapid Application Development and DevOps based Project Management methodologies and frameworks.