The all-in-one SIEM appliance combines the best of log management and security event management. This SIEM appliance gives you the insight and tools to identify and prioritize threats so that you can enhance your incident response and improve the security of systems.

Identify and prioritize security threats. HP Arcsight event correlation engine analyzes logs from multiple devices and links events so organizations can detect threats and allocate resources.
Become productive immediately and learn as you go. Take advantage of the same full-featured dashboards for compliance monitoring and compliance reporting that most security groups use.
Identify suspicious behavior by monitoring for insider threats, compromised credentials, and exfiltration of data to high-risk locations, all within a single SIEM appliance.
  • All-in-one appliance DL 380 Gen 9 box
  • Store up to 2.5 TB (Compressed)
  • Ease of management with new SIEM software (based on ESM codebase)
  • Broadest set of data collection capability in the market (275 SmartConnector, 100 CEF partners, FlexConnectors)
  • Up to 2500 EPS sustained
  • New apps delivered through ArcSight Marketplace
  • Simplified pricing (base and add-on SKUs)

ArcSight Express can give you complete visibility into the who, what, and where of a security event. Visit for more information. Read more about what it can do for you in this data sheet:


Datasheet HP Arcsight Express All-in-One